Nutrient-rich! You cannot miss “Soba-yu”.

“Soba-yu” is the hot water that boiled soba noodle. It is often served in a pot called “Yutoh”.
Why do we serve the hot water that boiled soba noodle to our guests?
Soba has balanced nutritional ingredients including good protein more than other grains and beans. It is also high in vitamin B. The most famous effect of Soba is rutin (vitamin P). Rutin is one kind of polyphenol which builds blood vessel strength to decrease blood pressure and presents an effective role against arteriosclerosis.
As you can see, Soba contains a lot of healthy components, most of which are hydrosoluble. This means they melt into water while boiling. Soba-yu helps you to take all the nutrition.
Some dilute Tsuyu (dipping sauce) with Soba-yu to drink. Others drink it straight just like tea after their meal.
Tagoto recommends Soba-yu for your health and favorite pastime.