As a Soba specialist

We, Honke Tagoto, offer various Soba cuisine as a Soba specialist. Actually we used to be a diner to offer not only Soba but other kinds of noodles and dishes until the 5th owner took over. A lot of guests loved us at that time too thanks to the historical backdrop.

The 5th owner went to Tokyo when he decided to take over the restaurant. He thought “As for Soba, Tokyo is the place” and started working at a Soba restaurant in Tokyo to learn. There he tasted Soba which he had never had, which was very shocking for him. He thought “I want to offer this Soba that surprised me in Kyoto”.
As soon as he got back to Kyoto, he worked on the revolution of Tagoto.

First, he specialized in one cuisine cutting off a lot of menu and selecting ingredients carefully. He devoted more effort to each single menu.
Tagoto restarted as a Soba specialist in the 1960s.
Restaurant itself was also renovated. The big garden at the back of restaurant was landscaped on a smaller scale so that we could have more tables to view the garden.
Following the 5th, the 6th owner also went to Tokyo to learn the handmade Soba.
The rich and new taste of Soba fusing Soba (noodle) in Kanto area to Dashi (broth) in Kansai area. That is “the taste of Tagoto”.
Tagoto’s Soba is developing every day.